It’s time to turn in a test animation. The scene I chose was the first transformation scene, since it’s one of the few parts that will have some tricky animation. I started doing this frame by frame on a tablet with stick figures. My goal was to pinpoint the angle of the shoulders compared to the angle of the hips, which worked out pretty well and gave me a good starting point.
Next I got to experiment with Rubberhose! First time doing so but wow it’s really interesting. So much easier than DUIK (bleh).  I tried to use the actual character art first, but as Photoshop layers the limbs bent really janky so in the future I need to figure out how to fix that. For now I just used the shape layers Rubberhose can create.  Some notes I took from this process are:
Rubberhose is awesome.
Will need to mask out the growing tree when it circles behind her.
The camera will actually be starting at her feet, then going up the body as the transformation takes place. So this wide angle will not actually be shown until she’s already transformed.
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