And now, a break! I didn't work on my capstone much this week due to a weekend full of Sweaty Eyeballs and eventually sickness. The festival was definitely worth going to--I got the chance to meet a few MICA students and learn a bit about the way their animation program is structured, which has always been something I wondered about, having considered going to MICA a while ago. The few animators I talked to were heavily character-based, though their choice mediums ranged from claymation to digital.  It was interesting to meet them!
As for the animation films themselves, the Baltimore showing was great. I especially loved Corrie Francis Parks' sand/collage piece, though I was so swept up in the visuals (wow! After Effects!) that I didn't really get to appreciate the meaning behind it. Might need a second viewing of that one.  
A friend of mine pointed out that in general, the films in the Baltimore showing didn't seem to have strong narratives. I can see their point, but I think of the films that were shown, I enjoyed the ones without a linear story structure more than the ones with a narrative. 
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