It’s sound time! Since Vincent was so nice to switch with me I have a little extra time to really flesh out this sound. Since my animatic is sort of slideshow-esque to me, the sound will hopefully take it to the next level. 
The voice actor is my good ol’ dad, whom I asked simply because of his gender, proximity, and advanced age. Just kidding—he’s a trooper for helping me out. In the past I’ve used his voice for a project and I knew he could do it fairly well. I asked him to speak as if he were telling a story to his young kids (but not too young, because the exaggeration became a bit obnoxious).  The product was a beautifully mellow narration that fit better than I expected, so thanks dad.  From this experience, I can look for a voice actor with these things in mind:
Elderly. Male. Gritty. Good storytelling voice (expressive and kind)
I need to really explain the emotion of the scenes, whether it be heartbreak, excitement, etc.
There are a couple of places that would be helped by additional lines, but overall the script is working well.

Apparently, my friends have told me that my dad sounds “with it” and I don’t know quite what to think about that. His response was that he’ll start looking for roles with Pixar.

The rest of the sound came from Youtube’s royalty free library (for music) and Adobe’s sound library and (for foley).
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