This is the first of my finals. I’m stressed. But in a good way, so there’s that.
I’m pretty confident in the sound at this point, which I was honestly pretty worried about at first. The music is working really nicely for the piece, though as I move into production I will continue the search for better quality pieces. As for the foley effects their number could definitely be increased. They grounded the piece and made it feel much more polished.
I wish my character designs were pretty and finalized. Oh well. Character is not my strong point, and I struggled to force myself to work on these throughout the semester.
Surprisingly, environment art became my strongest asset. I started this project thinking I would try to keep environments relatively simple so that I could utilize motion graphics transitions.  However, I found that I love doing forest scenes with strong lighting, and my next challenge will be figuring out ways to transition between the shots.  I think it will be a struggle, but I’m really happy with how much progress I’ve made in After Effects this year and I feel ready to tackle the challenge!
Here are the slides that I feel are most relevant. Animatic link will be in the next blog post.
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