Color scripting! This will be pretty brief, and I don’t remember when we were actually supposed to have this but I’m going to talk about it now.  Here is a loose color script:
So basically the story will begin with light greens, blues, and yellows, which if I’m going the cliche route are the colors of spring. At this point the boy is a baby just being discovered by the dryads.
As he becomes a child, the grove is pictured in shades of deep violet and white, because it’s magical. The other forest scenes feature some violet mixed in with slightly deeper greens and blues, which could be seen as summer.
Then, the fire comes. The boy is a young man now, and the environment art is overtaken by raging oranges, reds, and violets. Colors are like fall.
At the end, nothing is left but ash, and it will be done in greytones. Pretty wintery—until the final sprout forms, which is like the beginnings of spring once again.

I did not deliberately choose the colors with the seasons in mind, but the story is about change, death and subsequent renewal, which is what we find so fascinating about the seasons.  So it makes sense that a cyclical story mirrors seasonal colors.
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